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What's the best way to use LinkedIn?

LinkedIN has become an incredible resource for any business.

I can cast my mind back to the early days when it really was just an online CV. A list of the places you had worked. A few contacts and maybe a recommendation or two.

It's come along way since spurred on by Facebook and others. When Microsoft acquired it in 2016 they had big plans.

So what is the best way to use LinkedIN. Many people profess to be experts in this field and I've read many many books on the subject. I've been posting everyday with a variety of content from regular text posts, videos, documents. I've not really got into LinkedIN Stories yet but I will.

The Difference between LinkedIN and Facebook

There are now many social media platforms and it's fair to say the closest to LinkedIN, for look and feel, is Facebook.

For me though that is where the comparison ends.

I'm all about creating lasting meaningful content for LinkedIN and as such take a lot of time to consider and deliver. Facebook is still a bit more casual to me.

So What's My LinkedIN strategy

I've been posting on LinkedIN most days for a while now and that has taken a lot of energy. Like all small businesses my time is limited so I'm changing to a different strategy to see what happens. Whilst I will still comment every day, I'm going to post on a 2 weekly pattern as below

Week1 Mon, Wed, Fri Week2 Tue, Thu

This is a move to make my posts more engaging and informative as I will have more time to create more meaningful content that engages with my audience. I think overall that is what the platform is for.

So watch this space as things change. In 6 weeks time I'll have a good set of comparable data to see how this works ..

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