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According to Google over 1 billion hours of video is watched on YouTube each day.


Having video on your website helps to connect with your audience and develop your brand.


Video content is a great way to explain your brand, your product or service.


Video is a great way to show your company personality.


Video is portable and able to be viewed on any device across all the social channels you may use.


It is versatile and can be used over and over again in many different ways.


Video content sticks out and makes a lasting impression amongst static images and text.


Users are reading less and less on line watching more and more descriptive video.


Video has broad appeal across a variety of ages and viewers.


Video will increase your website search results. 


 By transcribing the video and adding the text Google will recognize keywords and it will appear in search results.


The use of subtitles or text in the video will increase the watch time of the video and help retain the audience.


For complex products and situations a long text description is less likely to be read in detail.


An explainer video is a great way to describe what, why and how you do what you do in a creative way.


Video is a powerful tool that is increasingly being used across all brands and platforms to help take the message from the tip of your tongue.

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Short Animations

Short animations can be used to make announcements, advertise messages and increase interaction across the range of social media channels that you use. 

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A great way to deliver and communicate a message over a series of panels that draw the viewer in. 

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Explainer Videos

A cartoon, live, kinetic text or combination video explaining how you can help your audience and make them want to contact you.

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Live Video

Live video of you at work.  Add text, voice overs and samples to  engage your audience, show them what you do and why you do it ... 

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