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Why a brand needs and animated logo

What is the role of an animated logo, what are the advantages of having one and how to apply it once you have it.

Motion design is a never ending current trend. Innovation through animation have become a corner stone of delivering fresh ideas and content across the board.

An animated logo is a great asset to have and is becoming more and more popular over time. Animating your logo takes something static and delivers character and in some cases even a small story.

What is an animated logo?

Your logo is the centre of your identity. It's something you have agonised over time and time again. A logo presents your personality, connects with the audience, and if done right establishes the brand keeping you front and centre of people's minds.

We are no longer in a print only static world. The growth of social media and the various platforms can be harnessed to breath fresh life into your logo.

Animation levels can vary from simple fades to storytelling imagery .. the choice is yours.

Why animate your logo?

Here's a few reasons

  • Simply it's modern and dynamic, shows who you are and makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • It makes you unique and more recognisable.

  • Delivers greater brand awareness as you are more likely to remember a moving image than a static one.

  • Delivers a more memorable first impression.

  • An animation is able to evoke emotions.

Where to use an animated logo

The possibilities are quite honestly endless, here's a few ideas

  • Social media networks .. all of the popular networks allow for video. If you post videos then add you logo at the beginning or the end

  • On your website. An animated logo can improve your SEO.

  • Presentations and promo videos

Final thoughts

An animated logo is a powerful tool to have up your sleeve and defiantly one you should consider. If you are going to animate your logo consider these factors

  • Consider the company / brand personality and make the animation appropriate

  • Keep it short, just a few seconds is all it takes to make something eye catching and attention grabbing

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