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Gander Media Solutions - Animated and live video production to make you seen and heard

London, UK


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Gander Media

Helping businesses like yours answer questions and generate leads without you needing to be there..


Creative Direction:

Animation & Consultancy available in 3 different ways.

Your Virtual Creative Director at your fingertips 

At Gander Media Solutions we offer a unique specialism in animated video and live video for social branding media use to help you receive more leads, drive sales, show you as the authority, increase trust and brand awareness. 

Quick, snappy and innovative our aim is to take the message from the tip of your tongue and put it on to the screen.

I have worked with small businesses and large corporate companies delivering a range of impactful animated shorts, explainer videos and business media solutions that really makes you stand out form the crowd. 

Let your video do the talking at GANDER MEDIA SOLUTIONS...

What is your aim?

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Evolve awareness and inspire your audience wherever they are in the world.

Share a compelling story that sparks curiosity and interest  and attracts the right people to you.

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Explain your product, idea or service in a simplified way that is relatable, concise and clear cutting. 

 Share value, build recognition and win trust to inspire your audience to take action right away.

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Through optimizing animation as an asset to your business, you can scale your business by marketing the most effective, time and energy saving way that delivers exponential results consistently .

Video Content Types Explained..