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Gander Media Solutions 

Helping your business answer questions and generate leads without you needing to be there...


Display who you are, what you do and how you do it.  Creative techniques and a fuss free approach to corporate images to bring you to life in images that paint 1000 words.


Live video action of you just being you.  Doing what you do or the events that you are hosting.

Live action video brings your world to life.


From animated logo design, explaining your world or delivering on line training there is no limit to what animation can do for you.  

Be on the screen without being there.

Creative Direction:
Animation & Consultancy available in 3 different ways.

Your Virtual Creative Director at your fingertips 

Gander Media Solutions offers a specialism in animated video and live video for social branding media use to help you receive more leads, drive sales, show yourself as the authority, increase trust and brand awareness. 

Quick, snappy and innovative our aim is to take the message from the tip of your tongue and put it on to the screen.

I have worked with small businesses and large corporate companies delivering a range of impactful animated shorts, explainer videos and business media solutions that really makes you stand out form the crowd. 

Let your video do the talking at GANDER MEDIA SOLUTIONS...


One off project to produce photography, live action video or animated video content.


A collection of photography, live action video and animations working together on a single message.


Commit to a specific number of days in a 3 month period.  In at the ground to help spec, design and deliver across all of the needs of the business.

What is your aim?

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Ignite global awareness and captivate your audience, regardless of their location.

Engage your target audience by sharing a compelling narrative that sparks curiosity, generates interest, and magnetically draws the right individuals to your brand.


thumb explainer.jpg


Present your product, idea, or service in a simplified yet relatable manner that is concise and crystal clear.


By delivering a concise message, you will effectively communicate the value you offer, establish recognition, and instill trust in your audience.


Encourage immediate action from your audience by inspiring them with your compelling story.

thumb animated vid.jpg


Unlock the potential of animation as a powerful business asset and watch your company soar to new heights.


With our expert techniques, you can effortlessly market your products and services in the most efficient and impactful manner, saving precious time consistently achieving remarkable results. 

Content Types

The list of video content types is rapidly changing and evolving. 

Highlighted below are the most common and popular. 

Check the blog for more and more styles as they are delivered.


Headshot Photography

Headshots of you and your team in a consistent style that can be used over and over again in websites, social sites and press amongst others.


Branding Photography

Imaginative and creative images of you at work, behind the scenes or an event you are holding.  Can be used over and over again for all purposes.


Live Video

Live video of you at work.  Add text, voice overs and samples to  engage your audience, show them what you do and why you do it ...


Short Animation

Short animations can be used to make announcements, advertise messages and increase interaction across the range of social media channels that you use.



A great way to deliver and communicate a message over a series of panels that draw the viewer in. 


Animated Explainer Video


A cartoon, live, kinetic text or combination video explaining how you can help your audience and make them want to contact you.

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