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I think I'm quite unique.  See I create visual content and I also create sensual and erotic art.  You would think that those two subject matters would be at odds with each other .. but actually it's quite the opposite.  I get to have my cake and indeed eat it .. and now I've stopped apologising for it. 

Instead I've accepted that I can do both things and even more I can talk about it.  I learn so many things about myself, my craft and others on either side of the fence.  

So if you want to understand my life a little .. the life of a workaholic insomniac with a home office who can more often than not be found creating things at 2am then come along for the ride.

What you won't find here is the normal ... We shot Steve's function and here's some pictures ( well you might every now and again ) what you will find is a crazy mix of a business owner creative who just want's to do one thing.

Take create content .. headshots, events and erotica .. 

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