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What is the best shape for my video ?

If you've posted any kind of image or video on a social media platform you'll know what a mine field it can be.

Not only do all of the different social sites have different sizes and dimensions but they also have different dimensions and sizes in themselves. They can also be subject to change. Facebook for example has 6 or 7 different sizes alone !

So what's the most reusable, portable and simplest size and shape for video.

After much trial and error, and a fair bit of research it seems that the best shape is square ...

Here's why..

Square is portable

A square video will post anywhere .. on any platform. No questions asked it's that simple. They can be used in a feed, on a carousel and they won't fall foul of problems across the various platforms.

Square video out performs landscape

It seems that video format, regardless of the content, plays a huge roll in how many people stop and watch, how long for and how they engage.

In some cases, square video resulted in 30-35% higher video views and an 80-100% increase in engagement. Buffer

Square is bigger

Square video logo

That seems counter intuitive .. but a square video will take 78% more of a mobile news feed than landscape video. With video consumption growing day by day it's estimated video use grows by 100% year on year. The more of the screen you can take with your message the better. Whilst we all watch widescreen tv's and monitors most of the social media use remains on mobile devices.

So there you go 3 good reasons to make your videos square format.

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