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How to name your business

A lot of people get confused.

They quite like to call me Julian Gander .. which isn't, I'm sorry to say my name.

I get a quizzical look from time to time, and then a shrug

A lot of people think it might be to do with Geese as in Goosey Goosey

Others think it's a play on the word gander as in to have a glance ...

Thanks to the reach of the internet some think I'm Canadian and live in or near Gander Mountain in Newfoundland ... a place by the way that looks beautiful.

It's also famous for taking 38 planes of people during 9/11 and housing all the people there for a while. The musical Far From Away is brilliant and all about this .. it is also by the way the last big night out I had before the lockdown in 2020.

The truth is far less exciting, and has only been worked out by one another Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.

I have two children Gabriel and Alexander ( shortened to Xander )

So Gander is a portmanteau of both their names ... See simple when you now how !!

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