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What would I tell budding photographers ?

I'd tell them that being behind the camera is a bloody marvelous way to make a living. I also tell them to think twice because being a photographer is really bloody hard.

I mean think about it ...

First off you have to do all the mundane pain in the arse stuff like actually run a business.

Networking, client attraction, marketing, admin, book keeping lord only know what else it really does get in the way.

Second.. you have to learn to be consistent. Look at it this way, right now you take pics for fun. It doesn't really matter if today's pictures look nothing like last week's. Do this for a living and people are attracted to your style so you best be able to repeat it.

Third.. it's not about the toys. Don't matter if its a phone or a five grand Canon. Put the phone in the right hands and it will take a better pic than anything in the wrong hands.

Fourth.. true feedback comes from clients and strangers. Friends will like your work, and your Mum and Dad ... genetics get in the way and they will never be a critic.

The list goes on and on but then

It tell them it's the best thing in the world. To do what you love. To be creative. To make people smile day after day after day. I've made life long friends. Shook the hands of famous people, been allowed in famous buildings. I've mad as many memories as I've taken.

I'm danm proud of it to.

Want to be a photographer. Do it. The world has plenty of lawyers, bankers, doctors and dentists. Do it.

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