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The Way You Are

The Way You Are is the ultimate indulgence. 
A photography journey that is not for the faint hearted.
If you are prepared to control the fear and loose the shame then click the link to enter the site. 


The Way You Are is a unique approach to personal contemporary portraiture.  

It is here to challenge and reward you in equal measure.

From beginning to end you are asked to deliver the best version of yourself to be

captured for ever more.  

I assure you that you will fall so in love with the Wonder that we capture that instead of keeping the pictures to

yourself you will want to share them with everyone.

Boudoir Photography taken on a bed in natural surroundings

I'm not here to give you the same 25 images that you may have seen somewhere.  

I'm certainly not here to give you the same pictures as anyone else.  

So it doesn't matter your age, you shape or size or what you think of anything

that has been taken before.  

What matters is the challenge and experience.  

What matters is to define The Way You Are.

This experience is a self investment of..


This is a journey that takes you from where you are at to where you want to be..

Step 1 - Connection & Discovery

A connection and discovery call, where we get to know your story and understand the purpose of your shoot.

We hold a non-judgement free zone here. 

It is my job to guide you to transform and capture you in the best honest and real way. 

I will ask you some challenging but eye opening questions that will make you really think about why we are having this conversation in the first place. 

It is my job to inspire, empower and turn your fantasy into a reality.

This really is the beginning of stepping into the new you. 

Step 2 - Private & Bespoke Preparation 

After you take The Way You Are plunge we set up a private Pinterest board which is created to share ideas, inspiration

and help me guide the style of the shoot and experience so we can really create magic. 

This is your opportunity to express what you've you've always dreamed of

and through this process you actually start to discover a lot about yourself as your bring ideas to life from you head into visualization. 

Step 3 - A Day To Celebrate You

A shoot starts with a tour of the home studio so you can see all of the shoot locations and the fun and excitement starts here as you leave the outside world behind, letting go of what no longer serves and step into a new day, new you! 
Following that our friendly hair and makeup artists, who will assist you throughout the day will pamper you and transform not just they way you look but most importantly the way you feel, full of radiance and true authentic beauty inside out!​
Then we shoot, up to 5-6 outfit changes so you get to immerse yourself in the thrill and empowerment of the moment..
You'll be amazed at seeing the different versions of you as you step outside the comfort zone as we capture the inner model as you embody your own rock-star!
Everyone's experience is completely unique and we you  boudoir experience really is an art.
Before you leave we make sure to grab a selfie !
You'll leave feeling like you can take over the world and with a huge grin on your face ! 

Step 4 - The Reveal 

​The best of the images are selected and edited to be the best they can be.​
An average shoot will result in over 600 pictures take as its never rushed, as like a spa day this is a day for you to feel great inside out and indulge. 
Roughly 40-50 images will be selected and edited for you of which all will be revealed either online or in person 2-3 weeks after the session. 
Whilst all photographs are edited for colour, tone etc there is a light touch when it comes to retouching. 
Just enough to remove minor blemishes but not enough to change you.

Step 5 - The Way You Are Wonder

After you have witnessed seeing yourself as the truest version you can be you'll need
some time for reflection, so take space breathe and enjoy.
Be amazed at seeing the truest version of yourself and being part of the The Way You Are Wonders

To find out more click below .

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