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Lights, Camera, Knockout: Prepping Your Brand Shoot for Victory

This weekend Anthony Joshua ( AJ ) dominated in his heavyweight boxing match against Francis Ngannou. The who thing was over in less than two rounds. Ngannou barely got a punch in and AJ didn't even break a sweat. AJ moved with precision, landed punch after punch. It's a masterclass in preparation – all of the training training culminating in a dominant display. In his head AJ had won the fight before even lacing up his gloves.

Great and if you like that sort of thing I'm sure it was something to see, but what has it got to do with me? That's what you are saying.

Imagine this: You've booked a brand photoshoot. You're excited, but a nagging voice whispers, "What if the photos don't come out right?" Panic sets in. You haven't discussed a clear vision, haven't planned outfits, and the venue is a complete mystery. Sound familiar?

This is the recipe for a photographic KO – but not in your favour.

Here's the truth: stunning brand photos, the kind that elevate your brand and convert leads, are born from meticulous preparation. They're the result of a photographer and brand owner working together, as a team, just like a champion boxer and their trainer.

This weekend I had a fabulous branding shoot with a long time client who is an interior designer client that perfectly illustrates this.  I'd never set foot in the venue, but it didn't matter. Through pre-shoot collaboration, we ensured victory (or should we say, a gallery of killer shots).

How did we pull it off?

  • Multiple Zoom calls: We discussed her brand vision, target audience, and the specific story she wanted the photos to tell.

  • Location intel: She sent detailed photos and measurements of the space, allowing me to pre-visualize potential shots.

  • Inspiration Station: Together, we scoured the web for inspirational poses and aesthetics.

  • Fashion Forward: We even collaborated on outfit selection through online shopping (because, let's face it, a well-styled shot is a powerful shot).

The result? A smooth, efficient photoshoot where most of the shots were already pre-conceptualized. We maximized our time and captured stunning visuals that perfectly embodied her brand.

Now, let's rewind to that voice of doubt. Remember the one whispering, "I don't feel like I could do this"? Preparation silences that voice. It replaces fear with confidence, knowing you've got a plan.

Here's how pre-shoot planning benefits YOU, the creative brand owner:

  • Clarity & Focus:  By establishing a clear vision before the shoot, you avoid aimless wandering and frustration on the day. You know exactly what you want to achieve.

  • Confidence is King (or Queen):  Walking into a photoshoot with a plan exudes confidence. You're not helpless, you're in control. This translates into relaxed, natural poses in front of the camera.

  • Time is Money:  Pre-planning minimizes wasted time on the day. You're not scrambling to figure things out, you're capturing magic. This means more productive shooting and a happier photographer (which is always a plus!).

  • Synergy with Your Photographer:  Collaboration is key. The more you communicate your vision beforehand, the better your photographer can understand and translate it into reality. It's a beautiful partnership.

So, the next time you book a brand photoshoot, don't just show up and hope for the best. Step into the ring prepared.  Plan, collaborate, and watch your brand take center stage with a knockout set of photos.

Ready to prep for your brand photography victory?

Reach out to a photographer who values collaboration and pre-shoot planning. Together, you can create a strategy that translates your vision into stunning visuals that elevate your brand and knock out your competition.

Remember, in the battle for brand dominance, preparation is your secret weapon. ---

If you want to follow Elena you can find her at where incidentally you can find many of the photos we have taken together. If you want to know more about how I can help you to have a great time being bold, dynamic and creative then click the button below,

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