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The C19 Diaries Day 2 17 March 2020

Is there anybody out there ? Pink Floyd

The C19 diaries Day 2 The tale of 3am porridge

It's well known across my mates that I am basically an insomniac... add that to a borderline workaholic attitude and a home office.

Well it's a bad mixture.I sat on the couch watching telly till about 10.30 ... I even turned my phone off to cut out the chatter. Frankly the tales of over priced hand sanitizer can wait.

So I went to bed ... I huffed and I puffed and got up at around 12.30am I've learnt that if I'm not asleep within 45mins then it's a lost cause. Xan had just come back from his shift at the local Spoons. Who knows how many more days they will stay open for ?I think I've worked out the insomnia thing...basically I'm a night owl artist... I think its where I am at my most creative ... some of my best edits happen at 3am

Tonight I'm thinking of titles for the C19 diaries... can't help it. Can't control the spinning cogs. A post about Pinky and The Brain, The Influence Music has had on me, a walkthrough of an edit .. so far I have 40 odd titles . I think I could be onto something here ...

So I came downstairs banged on Netflix Formula 1 Drive to Survive an excellent show, that will have a post of it's own, if you haven't watched it do. Two episodes, almost 2hrs later and I'm like ok let's try again.

Another 45 mins of a huff and a puff and I've thrown the towel in ... so 3am porridge it is ... frankly I'm starving and if I'm gonna be awake for 24 hrs ...

I'm watching car renovation shows on Sky, love some mechanic hands on action, and typing this. I might go for a shower soon because let's face it ...

Tonight sleep eludes me.

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