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The C19 Diaries Day 1 16 March 2020

Its times like these you learn to live again .. Foo Fighters

The C-19 diaries Day 1 : What would Grohl Do ?

16 March 2020

Following a weekend where many many hours were spent with clients having functions over the next several weeks. New dates discussed, pencilled into the diary and now it's just time to move on. We are doing everything we can and we will get through this people.

Boris and his pals are currently on the Telly-Box discussing many many complicated things. Not least whether we are allowed outside, going to be tested or who knows what else.Went to the shops for a few bits and pieces .. just as well I only needed bread, cheese and Vimto for MrsK. They were decimated following the weekend.

Thankfully it seems the Coffee Machine Disaster of Sunday 1600hrs was a little over played ... two mins with a screw driver and we were all good again. No Snowflake here ...I've spent today doing the things one does when they Get A Roundtoit .. so the bank statements are ticked back, the spreadsheets in place and oh my the accountant will be pleased in June.

Next is learning new tricks in Photoshop and getting to be a more competent video editor. Let's face it necessity is indeed the mother of invention.I've also made soup ... today Leek and Potatoe.. its gonna be delicious.

Tomorrow it maybe carrot or chicken and sweet corn ... place your votes now !At the moment tomorrow I'm shooting a modelling session and on Thur what may be the last party for sometime ...In times like these ... ask yourself what would Dave Grohl do .. he'd dust himself off and play an stupendous gig with as he says a sock full of bones ..Be more Dave people.


The C19 Diaries are a lighthearted missive whilst we all deal with what is happening ... please take it with the sense of humour it is posted with.

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