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Reasons You Need A Professional Video Animator

Video and video animation is all ready to explode in 2021 and beyond. You may have dabbled already, you may have resisted but you can be sure you will be seeing loads of it and may want to try it.

There are many different options for animations and there are a number of sites out there that may make you want to have a go at doing it yourself. Whilst Canva and others like it, are great to create simple animations here's a few short reasons why when it comes to it you should get a professional to do the job for you.

1. Animation is a skill

A full proper animation such as a whiteboard, motion graphics, cartoons or 3D character animations can take hours to produce. Further more it can take hours to learn the skills to create an engaging and entertaining video that will give results.

2. Animation is an investment not an expense

It's easy to see the creation of an animated video as an expense but it is something that can be used over and over again. Some longer ones can be cut into smaller, shorter stings, and you can use them in many different scenarios. Done correctly, by a professional they will last years.

3. You are too close to your own businesses, service or product.

Whilst you are an expert in what you do you are not an expert in what I do .. If you are creating your own video your focus may well be about how much better you are than others and not on the benefits you bring to me, the problem you solve for me ..

A video like that doesn't make for great viewing and people will be turned off quickly. A fresh perspective will communicate better for you.

4. Your time is valuable

When you are running a business you want to run the business and not spend time in the weeds. Creating good strong video takes trial and error, and time. Opting to do the job yourself can take upto 4 or 5 times longer than having a professional do the job for you.

5. Great return on investment

Done correctly a strong animation will

1. Promote you effectively

2. Help you rise up search engines

3. Increase brand awareness

4. Increase conversion rates

5. Increase sales

Video creation is a skill learned over time and a professional will charge a fee for the years of experience they have in their field. It will however be a sound investment ..

6. You aren't an animator I am

Put simply you have your job and I have mine. I don't need to be an expert in your industry to do a good job I just need to be a good one in mine. I have the skills to create an engaging video after asking you all the right questions, researched your competitors and draw on my own experiences to add to the mix.

There's 6 great reasons to use a professional .. there are many more but overall using a professional will save time and money and.

Using a professional is a smart move and give you the edge ...

If you want to know more ... message me

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