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Happy 6th Birthday Gander Photography

1 Oct 2014 was the day it all changed ... the day I took a decision to make the change.   To grab life by the collar and shake it up.

So as I left one world the old world of office life behind me and took a step into making my creative world a full time venture so what has the last 6 years brought me

  • countless new friends 

  • over half a million pictures taken

  • by my reckoning

    • 170 events

    • 93 portrait sessions

    • 65 boudoir sessions

    • 77 other assorted photoshoots 

  • I've taught over 20 people how to be better photographers

  • 5 of my boudoir clients are now signed models 

  • I've held a gallery of over 40 images to strangers

  • I built a brand that stands for creative, honest and rewarding creative photo and video

  • I have developed in ways I could never have imagined

So happy birthday Gander Photography, a huge thank you for giving me purpose.  Without you I would be a very different person.  It's humbling to think the images I capture will adorn the walls for years to come. 

To those that have supported me a massive thank you.  Thank you for trusting me to capture the memories, to transport you with a photographic journey and more recently for letting me create the animated videos that make your brand standout. 

Here's to many more years doing what I love.

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