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Benefits of Video

Search the internet for long enough and you will find a whole bunch of articles telling you that you absolutely must have video in your marketing mix.

They will tell you that social platforms are thirsty for the stuff and just lapping it up.

There are countless stats to read and consume.

81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool

By 2022 online video will account for 82% of internet traffic

72% of customers learn better from video than long text

There are wider spread stats to pull out also

A website will get 53x more reach on Google if it contains video

97% of marketers say video has helped users gain better understanding

And so it goes on and on

What about the hidden benefits?

So there's lots and lots of obvious advantages we know that's true but what about the hidden ones. The ones that are a bit harder to quantify and qualify.

It's easier to explain if we take an example. So let's do this ...

You own / work for a recruitment agency. It's a wildly competitive world and employers have a wide choice of recruiters to use. So how do you stand out from the crowd. Make yourself a recruiter of choice.

The answer is simple ... you do something different.

We know that we live is a scroll society and that grabbing attention is one of the things that gets harder and harder to do. As the recruiter you want to show good strong results, demonstrate that you can achieve good results.

This was the situation that faced by Osborne Thomas recruiters for the public sector. Though they advertise in many places one of the key strategies is on social media platform LinkedIN.

Taking their recognised template and colours a series of animated job postings have been created for them.

These have not only stood them out from the crowd and given them an increase in the number of candidates, but has also increased the number of companies who would want to use them to recruit.

Making yourself different and standing out from the crowd makes you a supplier of choice.

Not all video has to be long, sometimes a short sting is the right thing for the job.

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