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Animation and video is the new eco friendly marketing strategy that will save you time.

There’s a few things I have to mention when it comes to considering animation as your choice for marketing strategy, to save you wasted expenditure, time and energy..

Here’s what not to do....

Try doing it yourself ... it will take you hours of work, second guessing and trial and error. We’ve been through all that in the early days of beta so you don’t have to do. You can benefit from a quality service that is professional and an asset.

Don’t go cheap - You’ll end up regretting it because you run the risk of the product ending up glitchy, clip arty and it could shun every chance or your brand image not being communicated like you wished.

Don’t go for ‘affordable’ - Affordable tends to mean poor talent, skipping steps and may more likely be a rip off because it’s been done on dirt cheap budget.

Avoid quantity over quality - When it comes to animation and video we advise quality over quantity every-time, when you buy a car you don’t buy second best you buy the one that feels like it will last and be a worthy investment that will buy you freedom of enjoyment balancing practicality and logic.

We are here to answer any questions to get you crystal clear on what you truly need rather than what you think you may need, we’re here to solve problem, fix them and create magic so you fly those wings.

So with all that being said Animation and video is the new eco and sustainable way of marketing your business online to leverage where you desire it to land..

How so?

It makes an essential business thrive due to its creative and complex ability of conveying compelling ideas without expensive extroverted video house production...

It’s simple, it makes marketing easy, it’s the most painless way to articulate your message by synchronous scripting, story boarding and evoking the senses and minds of your audience the graceful way..

Science proves that whiteboard animation in particular is compelling through long term memory retention, therefore you are actually making your audience feel welcome, inspired and interested through simplified connection.

The brain has less to process through applying neuro psychology to our whiteboard videos you are more effectively wiring instant messages and creating a magnetic pull to your business...

One of the reasons we love what we do is because animation and video causes lots of bursts off feel good neurotransmitters, dopamine therefore viewers are instantly rewarded in body and mind by their own brains to keep watching. How cool is that ?!

It’s also naturally viral..

People will naturally want to share your videos and twice more likely to recommend and buy your service therefore freely marketing your company, now that is a compelling statistic.

Effective, reliable and accurate, your animation is an asset.

There will be more on how animation is an asset in a future blog.

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