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The words of 2024 Pt2 Bold

I have 3 words every year to keep me on trach throughout the year.

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For the sake of your sanity, and mine, this is after all a blog not a book if you haven't read part 1 yet... then go find it here.

In case you didn't click the link the first word was Dynamic

The next word is BOLD

Being a bold photographer isn't easy and can lead to controversy, especially in some of the erotic art I can produce.

All the same being bold is a reminder to

Find the unexpected and unique angles, the perspectives that challenge the norms and are different to the pictures that everyone else takes. Why after all take a photo that everyone else takes. Surely part of my creative process is to be different.

Capturing raw and authentic moments. As a documentary photographer of events there are many moments for laughter, happiness and tears. You would also be surprised about many tears can appear in the studio ! In previous years I've steered away from those moments, not this year. Additionally we are here to capture the imperfections, vulnerabilities and parts of unconventional beauty. The more avant-garde the better ! 2024 will also be a year of bold themes for the year to address and create photographs / art of challenging themes. Images that are there to strike up conversation in a good way. After all if people are talking about it then it's art ! Being bold is not only in the taking of the photo but in the editing. Giving myself license as an artist to edit with a stronger hand than for regular documentary images the opportunities for intense colour grading, dramatic retouching and even the inclusion of AI elements is an exciting opportunity. Finally being BOLD means taking the risks with art and offering it for sale to a wider audience. Selling an image because it is something that someone likes rather than a picture of themselves is something that has long been a dream.

Being a bold photographer will push all of the comfort zones, involve taking risks and the expression of a unique vison. Ultimately it's about standing out in the crowd and being seen.

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