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Getting it done .. or how I can to create animated video

Hello wonderful people

The last 12 months have been an absolute whirlwind of activity, change and evolution and I thought it best to just take a chance to recap.

Do you just wish you could get stuff done .. like really done for you with the simplest easy process that gave you results ? That's how the evolution into animated video started for me.

Something incredible has happened in the last 12 months here, an evolution that wouldn't have taken place but for the blip. That's what I'm calling the Covid Year 2020

There are lots and lots of nitty gritty details but in a nutshell Gander Photography had evolved into Gander Media Solutions. The butterfly is yet to fully come out of the cocoon, more of that later this month... I needed something to do. Something to keep me entertained and amused. Something creative and rewarding and maybe a new string to the business ..

So what does all of that mean ?

Simply now Gander is a single stop for all things creative. Video, animations, photography and all other things in between.

In the last 12 months whilst photography has taken a bit of a back seat we aren't been standing still. An investment in new equipment, over a dozen leading edge software packages and a whole lot of learning has taken place.

Over 70 videos to people and businesses just like yours. Businesses as close as around the corner and as distant as Texas have all benefited from this creativity.

Need an explainer video ... Done

An animated logo ... Done

Training animation ... Done

Voice actors for your video ... Done

A studio to shoot your talking head in ... Done

Branding and headshot photography, even from a distance ... Done

An eye grabbing video that holds interest and converts enquiries to sales ... Done

Don't know where to start or how to say the right things then we can show you how, guide you through creating ideas, developing scripts and what it should look like.

Soon we'll be launching a while new way to have access to a creative team for your business.

On the horizon many more things to help put you in the frame but for now that's all ...

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