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September Babies ...

September 2020 and in just a few days it will be my birthday ...

I used to hate a birthday but now I quite like them.  Spending time with friends and generally having a good time. 

This year I'm 49 ... I'm cool with that but next year ... well let's get there first ..

I've been contemplating 49 for a little while now, let's face it we all have a little too much time on our hands. 

I've come up with an idea to mark the event next year ... I want 49 to be my year of art .. 

It's the year I will take the time to do some of the things I do to others.

Top of the list is to have photos taken of myself by some photographer friends of mine. Now when I say I want to have my photo taken I mean in the artistic sense not a standard regular headshot. It's time to step in front of the lens.

This is the year I would like someone to draw me.  It would be interesting to see how an analogue artist interprets what they see in front of them and how they choose to create an image, something from nothing.

It's the year I will take time to travel into the places I inhabit and take art of them .. I can't remember the last time I took landscapes in London. 

It's the year I will stop and breath, take time to reflect ..

I'm open to ideas and suggestions so if you want to let me know your ideas then send me a message.

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