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Life is a struggle ...

I'm not going to lie. These last 4 weeks have been a struggle ... a time where I've wondered, like many what is all of this about.

I spend my life taking images, capturing life's happy moments, Yet all I see is the devastation and the horrors of the 7 Oct 2023 and beyond. As more time passes it seems we are seeing more of the events of what happened on the day and beyond.

Only recently, have I turned a corner. I've separated the thoughts of those last few weeks. In essence I feel like I have stepped out from the dark

Life is for celebrating, commemorating and enjoying. I have that greatest of roles, to capture it's events. To show you those happy times. To give you a cause to smile when all around you is sad. I've spent a lot of time looking through the weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, births and parties I've captured over the last 12 years. I've watch families grow in front of my lens. I have shared the life time events of some families over and over again, being called upon in some cases over a half a dozen times. Small children I've captured at parents parties have gone on to be recorded by my camera at their bar mitzvahs, engagements or similar.

To witness the pure joy of celebration. It's one of the primary reasons I became a photographer. I know that many are suffering and struggling right here right now. It seems abnormal to party whilst others around us cannot.

There is no point those we care about and love carrying out the abnormal if we do not carryout the normal.

In my case the normal is capturing smiles .... what's yours ?

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