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The C19 Diaries Day 2 Post 2 17 March 2020

17 March 2020 The Round TuIt

I must get round to it I ain't ready Queen

The C19 virus continues to hold us back. Train platforms are empty, theatres closed and as a photographer of people I have to accept that right now it's slim pickings at best ..

But there is a a bright side ... a light at the end of the tunnel ..

I'll admit I'm a bit of a slob in the office... nothing too bad but every now and again I need to give it a good tidy.

I've had a polish and a clean and I've found my Round TuIt

All the things I said I would do when I could get a RoundTuIt ...

I've already sorted out the bank balances and statements .. need to put that behind me for a while.

First on the list

1. Learn a new skill .. I've got a shit tonne of video to edit. I video client testimonials for TheWayYouAre there are so many to go through, soundbites to find .. I'm an OK editor but now I can finally learn a few of the tricks

2. Guitars ... I can spend all day every day editing and learning so I thought I'd give the guitarist in a real outing. Maybe learn a song a week ... who know come the Autum I may be good enough to fill the income gaps with the odd bar gig !!!

3. Finally sort out the Website SEO and all of that malarkey. I'm an ex computer programmer so there's still a bit of geek running through me !! I've got time to read up and learn some SEO and work it out. 4. Testimonials .. I need to gather the testimonials from the barmitzvah and portrait clients, I've traditionally been very very bad at it .. so now I've got a Round TuIt ...

5. Get back to some clever Photoshopping ... as time as gine by I haven't had the time to be creative in photoshop ... now is a good a time as any to get back Round TuIt

6. The Garden needs mowing ... less said about that the better

7. The shed needs clearing ... even less said the better...

So there you go without even thinking I have 7 things I have listed to do when I got a Round TuIt !

Until next time I'm off to pick up a gee-tar

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