Gander Media Solutions .. a partnership

Donna Marie will become an official partner of Gander Media Solutions as of July 2021.

Donna Marie brings an exciting blend of branding and business consultancy along with a range of creative talents to the table. Over the last few months Donna has been instrumental in developing ideas and bringing a range of clients on board and now the time is right to make an official collaboration and partnership.

Your future is bright and exciting and we want to be part of it working with you not for you.

That's the ethos and principle behind Gander Media Solutions and it will also be so. We work with you not for you. Guiding, developing and delivering across the entire social arena.

"We've been collaborating for sometime over the last 12 months, working in isolation through the pandemic has been tough on everyone, and for both of us, having a business collaborator and partner has been a massive win. " - Julian Knopf says.

Along with Gander Media Solutions creator Julian Knopf, who himself has over two decades of working in creative fields for businesses big and small, the skills and talent Donna Marie brings will lead to a deeper development and growth across the creative arena.

Donna Marie adds "I'm excited for what the future holds for us, the business we can help to achieve their dreams, and guide them to deliver."

Gander is here to not only create eye catching media that brings awareness, recognition and clients to your business. We want to work with you to develop your brand, give you alternative thinking and push you into areas that you have yet to even consider.

"Donna Marie brings a set of skills to enhance the solutions we provide. Along with animations, videos, photography and brand consultancy we can now bring social media planning, written elements and a full range of creative solutions to the table, delivering fresh ways to brand and market how you help clients with what you do." - Julian Knopf

We are here to clear the fog of how to explain how you help people with what you do. You understand your business, the benefits you provide and how you help people. We know how to explain that, who to and can provide ideas for your business that you just haven't considered.

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