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Head Shot Guide

What should I wear ?

It's a matter of preference.  Patterns are good if they are not too busy.  Solid colours are a good choice but can make you look blocky.

Whatever you choose, it should reflect who you are and display your personality.  Don't feel it necessary to be corporate if that's not ou.

I suggest all client bring a variety from smart - casual so that a range of images, and personalities can be refelcted.


How long does it take to get my headshots?

A headshot session can be between 90 mins to a full day.  Each session is tailored to your individual needs.  

For a 9 min session with several outfit changes the final images will be delivered to you within 1 week.  


Indoors or Outdoors?

Neither is best, though the classic white background headshots are versatile, outdoor or images that show you at work can tell a deeper story.


Should I sit or stand ?

Most people are either comfortable sitting or stand.  Both provide a lot of opportunity for options.  


Generally a session will comprise both.  Sitting poses can be more relaxed and inviting.


What options are there

There are several options from a 90 min session with several outfit changes.  To half and full days where different styles and ideas can be developed.  If you have a need for behind the scenes or more complex images then a half or full day may be the best option.


I'm not a model I don't know how to pose

That's OK I don't expect you to be.  I'll give you all the guidance you need to be the best, approachable version of you possible.  

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