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Sian Gibbs

Sian is a eye lash technician and trainer. In a competitive and and crowded market she recognises the need to stand out from the crowd and bring her personality to shine. Eye lash technicians are as much therapists as they are skilled artists. People trust you with their life's in and outs and are looking for a friend to share the stories with !

Julian is not only the BEST photographer around but also a wonderful creative to work along side. He understood my vision and made it exactly that and so much more. I can’t thank him enough


From the outset, the ease of approach resonated with Sian. A unique blend of creativity, fun, and patience immediately put Sian at ease, alleviating any nerves she had about the shoot. Sian appreciated the ability to explain the process thoroughly, ensuring she understood the "what" and "why" behind each shot, fostering a collaborative environment where her input was valued.

Guiding a first-time model like Sian through the intricacies of posing and expression was a rewarding challenge. I always take time to demonstrate each pose with clients, making a point to explain the rationale behind it and providing immediate feedback through live previews. Witnessing Sian's growth and confidence throughout the shoot was immensely gratifying, reaffirming the transformative power of photography as a tool for self-expression and empowerment.


Sian's vision was clear from the outset – she sought to portray both her professional expertise and vibrant personality authentically. Drawing upon her insights and preferences, We captured a series of images that portray the essence of her brand. From poised professionalism to spontaneity, each image told a unique story, resonating with Sian's diverse audience on a deeper level.

The true measure of success lay in the impact of these images on Sian's online presence. By strategically integrating them across her digital platforms, there was a surge in engagement and interaction. The blend of curated imagery, client testimonials, and motivational content built a sense of community and connection, further establishing Sian in her industry.


The incorporation of these images into Sian's digital strategy yielded tangible results in audience engagement. By presenting a visually compelling narrative that seamlessly blended professional prowess with personal charm, Sian cultivated a loyal following eager to interact with her content. The vibrant array of images, interspersed with relatable anecdotes and insights, fostered a sense of community and belonging among her online followers. Through thoughtful curation and consistent engagement, Sian transformed passive viewers into active participants, forging meaningful connections that extended beyond the confines of the screen.

The impact of the images extends far beyond the shoot itself. With a wealth of high-quality photos at her disposal, Sian now has a versatile toolkit to elevate her brand presence across various platforms. Whether it's showcasing her expertise in eye care or highlighting her vibrant personality, the imagery captured by enables Sian to connect with her audience on a deeper level.

Elena Brodrick Stories-28.jpg

Beyond the immediate results, our collaboration laid the groundwork for a lasting partnership built on trust, respect and fun! The versatile library of branding images we created serves as a reusable evergreen asset, allowing Sian to sustain her online presence and nurture long-term relationships with her audience. As her journey continues to unfold, I remain committed to supporting Sian in achieving her goals and aspirations, one frame at a time.

Jules understood my vision and made it exactly that and so much more. I can’t thank him enough!

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