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Elena's Elevated Interiors

Elena has been a long term client over a number of years.  She first reached out to me via Instagram in 2019. We met over coffee and a long, collaborative and creative business relationship was birthed. 

We initially shot branding images for her business, both indoors and outdoors.  Through the years we have partnered on many occasions and most recently we have collaborated in delivering branding visuals for her interior design business.  Throughout we have highlighted Elena’s unique sense of style, her passion for her work and her love of cities including London and a trip to Milan.

“In all of the shoots we have done there have been many images that have been in my bucket list” - Elena B 


Elena Brooking, the powerhouse behind her interior design and lifestyle coaching business, knew her online presence needed a serious upgrade. Her attempts at showcasing her work with selfies and DIY images just weren’t cutting it. She craved an online presence that truly reflected the quality and authenticity of her services, and that’s where our journey together began.

We quickly realized that capturing Elena’s essence and the heart of her business required more than just a standard photoshoot. We embarked on a collaborative adventure, brainstorming ideas, and letting our creativity run wild. With over five years of partnership and more than 20 shoots under our belts, Elena and I have become quite the dynamic duo.


Right from the start, Elena was eager to be more than just the face behind the brand – she wanted to be its heart and soul. So, we flipped the script and made her the star of the show. Instead of sterile room shots, we brought her into the frame, showcasing her at work, in the spaces she’s transformed, and even as a model herself. It’s incredible how putting a real person in the picture can make all the difference – suddenly, her audience wasn’t just admiring the rooms; they were imagining themselves living in them.

Planning each shoot was like crafting a masterpiece. Elena would send over project details and room dimensions, and from there, we’d dive into mood boards and creative chats. We’d hash out outfit choices, set the tone, and schedule the day down to the minute (though, let’s be honest, we always left room for some spontaneous magic).


The best part? Our collaboration didn’t end with the photoshoot. We kept the creative juices flowing, constantly bouncing ideas back and forth, even across the miles as Elena relocated to Italy. Thanks to our regular chats and image reviews, Elena’s online presence has flourished, with her Instagram reels gaining serious traction and her website getting a much-needed makeover.

But we didn’t stop there. Our abundance of visual content sparked something bigger – Elena’s dream of launching a quarterly magazine. With guest slots, interviews, and a ton of stunning images, the magazine quickly became a hit, drawing in subscribers and boosting Elena’s mailing list.

Elena Brodrick Stories-28.jpg

What started as a quest for better branding has evolved into a full-blown creative partnership. Together, we’ve turned Elena’s vision into a reality, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. With every shoot, every post, and every magazine issue, we’re weaving a story that’s uniquely Elena – bold, dynamic, and utterly unforgettable

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