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Black Friday 2023

For the first time ever I am giving you the opportunity to Pay What You Want for a studio photos session.  Imagine a photo session in a studio in Central London.  

A collection of 5 images delivered to you within a few weeks.

90 mins of laughter and fun capturing the very essence of you.

There is a base price,  I can't give this away for free, so contact me for more details using the form below.

The session is 90 mins long and you will receive 5 edited images for use on digital platforms.

Further images will be able to be purchased at a cut price.

The session is non-transferable and must take place by 1 Feb 2024 in the studio based in Central London.  Full payment is required at time of booking.

This is perfect for you if you 

1. Are some one who has always shied away from the camera and want to get some great images.

2. Are some one who has always wanted to work with me but hasn't been able to do so

3. We have shot together before and you would like a new set of images.

Contact Me

If you want to know more about the offer then drop me a message.

Thanks for messaging

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